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 Medical Biotechnology Laboratories (MBL) was founded 1995 by Dr. Tom Egwang (Pictured left). It has became a major player in malaria research andcontributed significantly to the development of BK-SE36 vaccine. It has mentored young scientists and investigators who are now research leaders in Africa. Download CV of Dr. Tom Egwang

About the Founder - Dr. Tom Egwang

Dr. Egwang  trained in veterinary medicine,  parasitology, and immunology in Uganda and Canada, respectively (1973-1983). He undertook postdoctoral training in molecular biology in the USA (1984-1987). He joined the CIRMF, Gabon, in 1987 where he established a molecular parasitology laboratory.  His research provided critical insights about the immunology and diagnosis of loaisis and a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor of Onchocerca volvulus was cloned for the first time.  He was Executive Director of the African Academy of Sciences (Kenya) from 2008 to 2009. In all three countries, he  He has served on national, regional, and international scientific panels including being Academic  Editor  PLoS Biology, and received several awards and honors.