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Med Biotech Laboratories (MBL) is a biomedical research organization operating in Uganda. MBL recognizes that the inimical effects of climate change constitute a formidable development challenge for Africa and require appropriate mitigation and adaptation responses. In addition to reducing our environmental footprint, MBL undertakes to contribute to community efforts to prevent pollution of the Lake Victoria Basin and the Nakivubo Channel and to promote sustainable development in the regions where our research is carried out. Our vision is a carbon-free planet. Our belief is that MBL can make a positive contribution towards this ideal world by working with the community and stakeholders towards improving our environment and ensuring that natural resources are conserved for this and future generations. Our goal is to engage all members of MBL in reducing all kinds of environmental pollution and fostering sustainable development by conserving energy and recycling materials.

These objectives will be achieved by, among others, compliance with all National Environmental Authority (NEMA) regulatory and legal requirements, compliance with ISO 14001 standards for Environmental Management Systems (EMS); through voluntary initiatives to promote sustainable development, by the annual setting of specific environmental objectives, and regular monitoring of progress in meeting these objectives. As part of our commitment on sustainable development, MBL will:

  1. Devise and implement a carbon management strategy covering all aspects of laboratory and hospital research by phasing out diesel engine generators and careful selection of office and lab equipment and products.
  2. Implement a green purchasing policy in which only proven environmentally friendly appliances, in terms of energy efficiency and energy conservation, will be purchased.
  3. Conserve natural resources through efficient use, careful planning and the use of re¬cycled materials.
  4. Comply with all relevant environmental standards stipulated by NEMA and the government.
  5. Choose only suppliers and contractors with proven high environmental performance standards and a proven commitment to sustainable development.
  6. Control the creation of lab, hospital or office waste, recycle materials such as paper, and dispose of all waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  7. Determine the environmental impact of all new processes and procedures before they are implemented.
  8. Undertake to increase staff and community awareness about environmental issues and provide sustainable development education and training to staff as part of continuous improvement.
  9. Work hand in hand with our collaborating partners and neighbors to preserve the rich environment of this ecosystem.
  10. Set clear environmental objectives to guide our activities with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint.
  11. Set performance targets for measuring and reviewing progress towards these objectives.
  12. Provide management support to the full implementation and review of this policy and to continuous improvement of environmental performance.